Valentines Day: Easy Tips and Tricks on How to Celebrate

 red heart valentines day candy and red roses

Valentines Day is here, here are my favorite assortment of Valentines themed accessories and activities. Enjoy! 

gold heart barrette


Gold Heart Barrette


New to my website, I've added these cute, affordable heart barrettes. I have very thick hair (the kind that breaks ponytail holders on the regular) and this fits in my hair and stays.  I like to wear it in a half up, half down hairstyle. But would also be cute, with a side part and on the side in front.


gold heart barrette on model


gold heart hoop huggie earrings


Heart Hoop Huggie Earrings


A whimsical spin on the huggie hoop style, these take ruby red crystals and punch it up a notch. Pair with a red lip and dazzle!


heart huggie hoop earrings on model

Heart Hoop Earrings 


gold crystal heart statement ring


Coeur Gold Statement Ring 


Let your hands do the talking with this crystal encrusted heart shaped stunner. Subtle enough to wear everyday!


gold crystal heart statement ring on hand

Coeur Statement Ring


Ruby quartz rose cut gold ring


Ruby Quartz Rose Cut 14k Gold fill Ring


red and navy neck scarf on model


Red and Navy Marlan Scarf Carrie gold cuff   14k Gold Leora Ring Statement Ring


My Marlan scarf is a great way to add a little pop of red to any ensemble! Work appropriate with a little bit of preppy flair to take any look from blah to polished.


leopard print neck scarf on model

Marlan Leopard Heart Print Scarf


Love this neutral take on a heart print. It looks like an animal print but it's actually hearts!


red and pink valentines day nails


I love me some nail art but no matter how hard I try, I can't get my nails to grow that long. I"m just too active with my hands to have long nails. I used to be a nail biter as a child and old habits die hard, with biting being replaced with peeling my nail polish off when it chips. One of the worst things to do to your nails and yet I still do it.  Attempts at regular applications of cuticle oil and taking collagen in my daily coffee does little to offset the damage. My nails are just weak and soft. So, despite my best efforts, short nails are the way for me. I like how the graphic design is simple to diy and is chic and minimal.  For more valentine's nailspo, check out my Pinterest board for all things Valentines.


valentines day champagne cocktail

Image by Something Turquoise 


An easy and festive Valentines drink is to drop some raspberries in champagne flutes and if you are feeling extra, add a dash of Chambord liquor for a Kir Royale.


pepperoni heart pizza valentines


I love me some pizza and pepperoni just might be my fave. Love the high - low contrast of serving champagne with pizza - made valentines day appropriate in a heart shape for the dough and the pepperonis!


copper fondue pot valentines day 


Fondue Pot by Boska  


What we usually do for Valentines Day is have cheese fondue. It's so easy to do and so decadent. Our son who can be an incredibly picky eater has even taken to it recently. Our tried and true Bodum pot recently broke after 15 yrs so it might be time to upgrade to this chic copper version from Boska. Our favorite accoutrements are sliced mushrooms, red peppers, granny smith apples, cherry tomatoes and of course baguette!


How do you celebrate Valentines Day? Tell me in the comments below!





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