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Halloween 2020 Ideas

  Halloween just like everything else in 2020 will be different. Trick or treating is discouraged, large parties are banned. Never fear, there's still plenty left to do! If anything, it forces us to be a little more creative. As with everything this year, Halloween is getting a little reset which can be a good thing. No need for all the over the top festivities, just have fun with the simple things like dressing up, watching a Halloween movie, carving pumpkins, face painting or cookie decorating. There are some cool things happening this Halloween. This year we will have a blue moon. It's called a blue moon because it's the second full moon of the same month, after the harvest moon that took place Oct 1-3. Full moons...

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In the Mood for Halloween: My Fave Festive Fall Decor, Drinks, Nail Art and More!

 I just love holidays, decorating for them and making the home look festive. Much to my husband's chagrin, I'm that person who on October 1st already has the decorations out. It's not his fault, he grew up in France where they don't celebrate Halloween.  So while he is always asking Why?....I answer why not? At least our son enjoys them as much as I do so now it's two against one 😝     Halloween Charcuterie Board by How We Live Find a festive fabric and drape across your table and then add a skeleton hand and scatter plastic spiders throughout your charcuterie board. Make sure to use seasonal ingredients like figs, carrots, apples, beets to get a lot of fall color...

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