Halloween 2020 Ideas

carved halloween pumpkins jack o' lanterns


Halloween just like everything else in 2020 will be different. Trick or treating is discouraged, large parties are banned. Never fear, there's still plenty left to do! If anything, it forces us to be a little more creative. As with everything this year, Halloween is getting a little reset which can be a good thing. No need for all the over the top festivities, just have fun with the simple things like dressing up, watching a Halloween movie, carving pumpkins, face painting or cookie decorating.

blue moon halloween full moon

There are some cool things happening this Halloween. This year we will have a blue moon. It's called a blue moon because it's the second full moon of the same month, after the harvest moon that took place Oct 1-3. Full moons on Halloween are rare...only happening every 18 or 19 years. Because this year’s Halloween full moon will rise at 10:49 a.m. — it will be visible to the entire world, rather than just parts of it, for the first time since World War II.   You'll have to wait until 2039 for another global full moon!

Frida Kahlo halloween costume Janna Conner

Janna Conner Clovis Medallion Earrings and jewels, Amazon dress, Flowers from .99 cent store

 Last year I was the art docent for my son's class. I taught a lesson on self portraiture and Frida Kahlo which inspired my Halloween costume. Frida suffered from ill health, she had polio as a child and was in a bad bus accident when she was in her late teens.  As a result, she had to endure 35 surgeries over her lifetime and was in constant pain but that didn't stop her from pursuing her passion for painting. And all the while she did so fabulously coiffed, manicured  and bejeweled. She did it for herself, not for anyone else. 

frida kahlo in bed painting

 Frida in bed painting


family halloween costume Frida kahlo James Bond Spectre and ninja


Since Frida hailed from Mexico City, for my husband we choose the James Bond Spectre costume from the opening scene of the Dia de los Muertos parade. He wore a suit that he had and just had to buy the top hat and  the face mask. Very easy costume. I find single use items wasteful so am always thrilled to be able to repurpose or reuse items. I was going to buy a costume dress but found this dress on Amazon and it was about the same price and is much better quality fabric since it's a real dress. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. In years past we did a family costume and were Ninja Turtles and Star Wars so was excited to be glamorous for a change! 

scary halloween costume from movie It

Our city of South Pasadena goes nuts for Halloween. Diamond street is decorated all month long culminating with people bussing in to see all the houses and walk up the closed street on Halloween night. There's even a movie set decorator that lives on the street and makes the most amazing Halloween spectacle. This photo is his mom handing out the entrance tickets to his haunted house.


scary halloween yard decorations

Diamond Street South Pasadena

haunted house decorations

Diamond Street South Pasadena Haunted House of Fears


scary halloween decorations South Pasadena

South Pasadena Halloween Decorations



halloween decorations South Pasadena

South Pasadena Halloween Decorations

 halloween skull and spider web cookies

Spider web and Jack Skellington cookies from Thyme Cafe in Santa Monica

 In terms of Halloween treats I like that these are just basic black and white and don't involve lots of food coloring frosting that stain your teeth. The spider web is easy to make by drawing concentric circles and then dragging a toothpick from the center out to the edges. The Jack Skellington skull is cute too!

jack o lantern spider web and Ghost halloween cookies

Cute decorative cookies don't often taste good but the ones from my friend Maire Byrne's restaurant in Santa Monica Thyme Cafe sure do! If you are on the westside of LA be sure and check them out!

Squellette .925 Silver Skull Studs


Maybe you're not in the mood to dress up or decorate but you still want to add a little spooky flair to your look, my Squellette Sterling Silver Skull Studs are the perfect way. Teeny tiny skulls look so cute in a second or third piercing.


Squellette Sterling Silver Tiny Skull Stud Earrings

The Halloween in inspired earrings are available in .925 Silver, Vermeil (18k Gold Plating over Silver) and now 14K!


 vomiting pumpkin jack o lantern halloween

One of my favorite carved pumpkin ideas, vomiting pumpkin!

 halloween house decorations


What are your plans for Halloween? Let me know below in the comments!

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So many creative ideas for Halloween! I especially love the skull earrings, they are very fit for the holiday without being over the top.


Those costumes and cookies are so creative and cute! I hope you and your family had a safe and happy halloween!


What a creative halloween costume your family had last year! Your jewelry really compliments Frida Kahlo’s aesthetic :)


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