October Birthstone: All About Opals!

 October's birthstone is a good one...opals! My mother's birthday is in October so I grew up over her various opal pieces in her jewel box. Did you know...Opal is a hardened silica gel, usually containing 5-10% water? It is therefore noncrystalline, (unlike most other gemstones) and may eventually dry out and crack. That's why it's often recommended to keep opal in water when not in use.

opal stacking rings gold stacking rings on hand

 Izzy Opal 3 Stone Stacking Ring, Stasya Opal 2 Stone Stacking Ring, Selda Mother of Pearl Rosette Ring

opal stacking ring with cz accent

 Chilton Opal C.Z. Stacking Ring

opal stacking ring and gold stacking rings on hand

   Izzy Opal 3 Stone Stacking Ring, Stasya Opal 2 Stone Stacking Ring 


opal stacking rings gold stacking rings

   Izzy Opal 3 Stone Stacking Ring, Stasya Opal 2 Stone Stacking Ring 

 colored opals from parle gems diamonds in the library Tucson gem show

Photo by Diamonds in the Library. Opals by Parle Gems

 Opals come in lots of different colors like orange, blue, white, pink, black and brown. There are two kinds of opals: precious, which shows flashes of iridescence and potch which are more common and often opaque, showing no iridescence.  The iridescence of precious opals is the result of the arrangement of tiny silica spheres within the stone and how they refract light. The larger the spheres, the greater the range of colors.


 Maelle Prong Set Opal Necklace


Australia has been the main producer of opals since the 19th century. Other mines include Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Mexico, USA and Southern Africa. It was believed that water, fire and heat are enclosed in opals so it is a remedy for many diseases. Opal helps against heart disease, calms nerves, guards against melancholy, and restores visual acuity. Because of the fiery appearance, it is a favorite stone of magicians and alchemists and has been the source of many superstitions.

blue opal ear climber

Tamar Blue Opal Ear Climber Earrings



Tamar White Opal Ear Climber Earrings
These earrings are a favorite style of mine. They are called climbers or crawlers as they climb/crawl up the ear lobes. They are very comfortable to wear as there is no post backing. Additionally they can be worn swung down on either side. I like to wear one piece mixed with other styles of studs and hoops for a mismatched asymmetrical look.
cracked crazed opal cabochon
Opals can be shattered or damaged beyond repair much more easily than other popular gemstones.  Because they are easily scratchedOpals aren’t recommended for ring stones,  unless the stone is placed in a protective setting or reserved for occasional wear.
Because opals are so fragile, cracking easily when dehydrated and having a relatively low MOH's scale of hardness at 5.5, the market for simulated opals has grown dramatically. Made out of Slocum stone, a resilient man made glass or in the laboratory, they are virtually indistinguishable from genuine opals and much more durable. Similar to lapis, pearls, coral and turquoise: precious opals are also highly porous, requiring gentle jewelry cleaners like Conoisseur's.  That's why I choose to use simulated opals rather than precious for my fashion jewelry line. They don't need to be treated with the care and precision that precious opals demand.


blue opal ear climber on model

 Tamar Blue Opal Ear Climber Earrings


model with blue purple pearlescent lipstick


 Opalescence doesn't have to be relegated to your jewel box, they have made their way into fun makeup choices, furniture, decor and art. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to opals and everything opalescent follow for more Inspo!


opalescent acrylic resin table


Crystal Series_Table is a minimal table created by Seoul-based designer Saerom Yoon
I just love this table and the color gradient, gorgeous! Truly a work of art!

Guggenheim Bilbao opalescent holographic building covering

Picture by Abriwin 

 How about this image of the Bilbao Guggenheim that covered the Frank Gehry designed building in holographic panels? Incredible!

Are you a fan of opals? Tell me below in the comments!


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I work with diffraction and reflection of light into shadow.
I am hoping this photo comes through.
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Ray King

Opals are my favorite gemstone! Love these pretty pieces 😍


I love opals – I think they’re absolutely stunning. Birthstone jewelry is so fun!

Whitney Kutch

Opal stones look super trendy and chic, my kind of stone for sure!!!

Krizzia Scollon

I love opals, and these are some beautiful ones! I’m going to try to incorporate more into my everyday look. Thanks for sharing!


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