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Spring is in full swing! With flowers blooming, temperatures climbing, and US vaccination rates topping 3 million a day, it finally feels like hope has arrived! As an avid art fan, one of the things I'm most excited for is the re-opening of museums and art installations. Two of the art exhibits I'm most excited for are outdoor events: Desert X which I will be visiting in the weeks to come and one here in LA called Luminex.

Sarah Rara Perfect Touch 2021

Sarah Rara, Perfect Touch 2021

1154 S Olive St

While museums have been given the green light to re-open in LA, the most exciting art installation in April is still taking place outside. For one night only, (Saturday, April 10) LUMINEX: Dialogues of Light will transform five blocks of South Park in Downtown L.A. into a walkable exhibition of digital artwork. Curated by the NOW Art Foundation,  the collection features site-specific works from six LA based artists (5 of which are female!)

Luciana Abait, Agua

Luciana Abait: Agua.

1025 Flower St

On the evening of the exhibition, use the Interactive Walking Map on the Luminex LA website to guide you from location to location. Tap into the interactive map to read the artists’ statements for their digital installations, plus access special audio messages the artists personally created. There will also be performance art accompanying some of the at some of the pieces as they project video and digital artwork on the buildings. It's a self-guided walkable exhibition so wear comfortable shoes and choose your own adventure. Free to the public, no tickets required. 

If you can't make it check the livestream here (8pm to 9:55pm PST)

Jim Isermann art mask

Jim Isermann Face Mask Set of 2

We still will be wearing mask for the near future so why not make it a work of art?The print on these masks is sourced from local Palm Springs based American artist Jim Isermann's designs and artwork. Support him and LACMA while keeping yourself safe!


& Other Stories Print Dress

& Other Stories Printed Puff Sleeve Midi Dress


Let's continue the art theme and update our Spring wardrobe shall we? This dress conjures up visions of Matisse with this artful floral print. Bask in the sunshine while strolling through Descanso Gardens or the Huntington Gardens. Or sit in your own garden and sip a mint julep.


Jackson Pollack inspired paint splatter earrings

 Jackson Paint Splattered Earrings by Janna Conner

But we don't need to stop there...adorn your earlobes in art with these Jackson Pollack inspired paint splattered discs. They'll pair equally well with bold colors as  with a neutral black or white palette.

Jackson Pollack inspired paint splattered earrings on model

Jackson Paint Splattered Earrings By Janna Conner

These Pollack earrings make a great gift for any modern art lover!

Made you look documentary Netflix

Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art

Made You Look documentary by Barry Avrich is a fascinating dive into the high end art world's most successful forgery scam. It brought down the Knoedler Gallery, the oldest art gallery in New York (165 years!) and involved 80 million dollars worth of fake Rothko, Warhol, Motherwell, Pollack among other heavy hitters. Knoedler art director Ann Freedman, Knoedler's director who bought the paintings, was forced from the gallery in disgrace shortly before they closed their doors in 2011.


made you look documentary

Rothko's previously undiscovered work purchased by Knoedler Gallery

There are so many interesting questions raised in this documentary...was Ann Freedman complicit, or was she blinded by greed or just plain naive? In the high end art world, there are only so many artworks to go around, competition is fierce and the desire to find a previously undiscovered masterpiece is incredibly appealing. How were the art experts who authenticated the paintings duped and if they were then how would anyone else be able to verify its authenticity? Who was the artist that was able to master the varied painting styles of these world famous artists and who was Glafira Rosales, the original art dealer who "found" them and sold them to Ann Freedman? I changed my mind many times while watching this film and am still not sure what I believe but it sure does make for a thought provoking viewing!


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The design at Arthur’s Tavern is a visual delight. The cozy and classic atmosphere captures the essence of a different time. Whether you’re out for a casual evening or a special celebration, the design enhances the overall experience and ensures a memorable visit.


All of these seem to fit the perfect spring occasion!


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