Five Things to Try This Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend! (from quarantine) Insert sad face emoji here. This holiday weekend will be different celebrations than in the past; smaller and more intimate but no less festive. I will be relaxing at home, hopefully playing some tennis with my family (tennis courts are back open in CA, yay!) and at some point heading to the beach to visit my parents (from the outside of their house since they're both immunocompromised).

Here are a few ideas of things to try this weekend ranging from the culinary to the sartorial. None of them are complicated, and all of them promote self-care and relaxation. Hope you are hanging in there, staying healthy and finding joy in the small pleasures!

ludo Lefebvre omelette


Ludo Lefebvre Boursin Omelette Bon Appétit

My favorite brunch recipe is this Boursin Omelette by Ludo Lefebvre at his restaurant Petit Trois here in LA. There are two locations and both are very small and intimate spaces so not sure how they are going to re-open as socially distanced. One of the best parts is sitting at the counter at the Hollywood location and seeing the chefs cooking. Since I won't be able to go there anytime soon, I've attempted to re-create this at home.  Serve with a crusty baguette with french butter and a simple green salad, delicious! Don't get hung up on it being perfectly folded over because it tastes just as good even if it's looks a hot mess. For Mother's Day, my husband made it for me the fancy way and it was delicious but I've made it a few times since then and just crumbled the Boursin in my scrambled eggs with a bit of butter in the pan and it was pretty good too (and a lot faster). So save the fancy presentation for the weekend when you might have a bit more time and energy!


nano steamer face steamer


 NanoSteamer Face Steamer

I'm big on diy skin care and am used to doing masks, micro needling and micro current treatments on myself at home. Surprisingly,  I don't have a steamer though. I"ve always looked at them and thought I'm too lazy to use it or didn't want to figure out a place to store it. Realistically I'm not sure when I"ll be able to get a professional facial again so am trying to up my DIY spa game at home. The steam helps open your pores and allows the products that follow to penetrate better so thought I would give it a try with an inexpensive option. I'll let you know how it goes in a month or so!


pink suede Birkenstocks with palm tree shadows

 Birkenstock Arizona in Earth Red Suede 


Since I've been spending A LOT of time indoors wearing my Birkenstocks I decided to treat myself to a new pair. I only wear them inside because they make my feet look like boats but I'm going to try out the narrow size this time around which I just realized they have!  


pink sunglasses izipizi 

Izipizi Sunglasses in Pulp


I buy a pair of Izipizi sunglasses every summer when I'm in France. I love their fun whimsical colors and their lightweight feel. They're inexpensive so I don't have to feel guilty when I treat myself! This is the color way I chose this summer, it's the perfect coral-ly pink. I think you can tell I'm into this color since the Birkenstocks I chose above are very similar!


Janna Conner watercolor nail art stickers and gold stacking rings 

Janna Conner Petite Starburst Stacking Ring and Twyla Gold Dome Ring

I had these nails art stickers laying around and thought quarantine was a good time to try them. Since I'm doing so much cleaning, there's not enough time for nail polish to dry properly and remain chip free. I love to look at nail art, just see my Pinterest board here.  With Covid concerns I honestly don't see myself visiting a nail salon anytime soon. I have always been a DIY kind of gal anyways, but for whatever reason lately can't bring myself to do nail art with my brushes and sponges, I blame homeschooling 😂  These are kind of genius for a lazy girl's hack to nail art. And since they're stickers, they are already dry!

To apply: make sure nail beds are completed clean and dry, I rub with a little bit of alcohol or polish remover to make sure there are no residual oils that would interfere with adhesion. Then select the gel strip that best fits each nail and start at base and smooth out to the tip and out. Hold your nail file vertically and swipe down from nail edge to remove excess. Apply top coat to seal and to create a more realistic polish like shine. 

I've had mine on for a week already, and they're holding up pretty well. There are a few chips and the edges have worn a bit but I think I could probably go a few days longer. I used Lily and Fox but it seems they are sold out. A similar company Dashing Diva has some nice designs like this. And also like the Scratch nail strips available at ULTA.


What has been bringing you joy these past weeks? Tell me in the comments below!

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