Easter: An Occasion to Celebrate

This Sunday is Easter, and with the safer at home ordinance in place, admittedly this year's celebration will be nothing like those that have come before. An emphasis on simpler and scaled back festivities is a necessary reminder of what's really important, spending time with family. With so much that has changed to our daily routine I do think it's important to keep some semblance of normalcy and celebrate what we can. Our little family of three will be marking the occasion with an Easter Egg hunt for 1 (our 8 year old), and FaceTime sessions with the grandparents in France and here in Los Angeles.

I've rounded up some of my current favorite things that remind me that Spring is here!

lavender jumpsuit


Target Wild Fable Lavender Jumpsuit 

I'll be wearing this come Sunday. I do love pastels and I thought it was a fresh take on the classic boiler suit. It's super comfortable and roomy, perfect for lounging around at home. Looks way more expensive than it's $35 price tag!

Maybelline lemonade craze eye shadow palette


Maybelline lemonade craze eye shadow palette


Maybelline Lemonade Craze Eye Shadow Palette 


I have a lot of eye shadow palettes but I've been finding myself reaching for this one lately. It's a subtle take on bright citrus colors so it's festive but doesn't feel over the top when you are working from home. 


lavender eye shadow look


lavender matte eye shadow looks


Wondering how to use colored eyeshadow but find it too intimidating? Start small with little accents around your eye without committing to a full eyelid of color. I have deep set eyes so I often use a colored eyeliner or shadow just on the bottom lash line to help open up the eye. If you have larger eyes, you can commit to a full eye contour. I like how in these two examples it shows how to combine matte with shimmer and to just use a bold swipe of shimmer on the bottom. Simple yet fresh.



yellow and white acrylic statement earrings


 Eszter Acrylic Statement Earrings


white and yellow acrylic statement earrings on model

Janna Conner Ezster Earrings


yellow and white acrylic statement earrings on model

Janna Conner Ezster Earrings

 I love the marbleized look of my acrylic Eszter earrings and that despite their size, they have a lightweight feel. Pair them with a print blouse, crisp whites, pastels or greys and tans.


gold square bangle bracelet set on model

Tanya Gold Square Bangle Bracelet Set


gold bangle bracelet set on model with straw bag


Tanya Gold Bangle Bracelet Set, Kinsey Straw Bag

These sleek thin bangles are the perfect complement to feminine prints. Gold plated brass they are durable yet comfortable to wear.


jadeite mixing bowls

 Mosser Jadeite Mixing Bowls

I first bought this mixing set in college, I fell in love with the milky mint green color and it's retro feel. It brings me a little bit of the joy of Spring time every time I use it. Crate and Barrel is carrying this again online and love that they are American made. If we're feeling very motivated this weekend, I'll be using these glass bowls to make my grandmother's Easter Bunny cake.


easter bunny cake


Easter Bunny Cake  Food and Wine

My grandmother always made this Easter Bunny cake every year. I remember thinking it was so elaborate and was surprised when as an adult read the recipe that it was actually 2 round 8" cakes, with one cut for the ears and bow. It's actually pretty simple. This version from Food and Wine is very similar to my grandmother's version. One key difference was that she always used thin licorice strips for the whiskers, which I've never been able to find very easily and gum drops for the eyes. There are endless ways to decorate this cake, the main requirement being that you like coconut of course!


matte pink nail art

Matte Pink Nails by Easy Nails


matte pink negative space nail art

 Matte Pink Negative Space Nail Art


I usually am into super shiny nails, (that's why I love gel after all) but these days matte feels fresh. I love these two takes on matte pink nails, one with a regular polish application and one with a rounded negative space design. Both look great on short nails (which right now is especially important with sanitation concerns) and are easy to pull off. I would do the second look with binder sticker circles if your a little shaky or freehand it if you're more confident. 

My secret to getting matte to last longer is to use any nail polish (doesn't have to be matte) and apply a regular gel top coat ( I like Essie Gel top coat  then after that sets apply a matte top coat on top ( I like Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte). That way your nails have a little bit extra security under that matte coat because they can tend to be a little thinner and not as resilient as a shiny top coat. Et voilà, matte nails that should last you the better part of a week! 

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter / Passover / Ramadan everyone!


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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Love this roundup! My mom used to make that very same cake every Easter – and she used the thin licorice too! It’s so cute and almost vintage-looking now. I want to make one too!


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