The Best Breathable Face Masks for Summer

pike place wear a mask sign
Pike Place in Seattle
With Covid spiking practically everywhere in the US, the need to wear a face mask in public is more important than ever. So, if you have to wear a facial covering, why not make it fun and stylish?
Aqua, Orange Mix and Yellow Tie Dye Face Masks
We are going to be wearing them for the foreseeable future which is all the more reason to find one that you like. A mask you will wear is better than one you won't!
Teal Neon Green Tie Dye Mask
Fabric masks are the best face masks for civilians to wear.  Save the surgical masks and N95s for the healthcare professionals and essential workers who need them more. Additionally, cloth masks are better for the environment, eliminating recurring waste of single use masks. 



orange tie dye face mask on boy

 Orange Tie Dye Face Mask

 I designed these masks as a fun way to get my 8 year old to be more comfortable and excited about wearing a mask. I was fed up with ordering masks with elastic bands that arrived all different sizes and either too big and falling off or too tight and just plain uncomfortable. Hand tie dyed cheerfully unique patterns turn your face mask into the ultimate accessory! 


 Neon Rainbow Mask

 My son Dries helped me come up with the tie dye designs. He came up with this neon rainbow design because he loves bright colors (just like his mother)! His other favorites are the orange mix and the teal masks.



Teal Neon Green Tie Dye Face Mask

 I had initially thought that tying the laces on would be tricky and that they might slip down. It's surprisingly easy though. Tie the top one on first and then the bottom to achieve your perfect fit.  Additionally you can tie the two straps together on each side to have a bow accent above the ear if you don't like the across the back of the head technique.


pink purple tie dye face mask around the neck on model

Pink Purple Tie Dye Mask

Perfect for kids, and adults. And when you are not needing your face covered, you can pull it down and let it rest around your neck like a kerchief. This helps to eliminate losing your mask when you're not wearing it. My husband was always stuffing them in his pocket and worrying about them falling out.


embroidery face masks on black and white photograph Han cao 

Embroidery artwork by Han Cao

To get you in the mood to wear a mask, enjoy the whimsical embroidery by artist Han Cao. She takes found paper and adds her own decorative accents to old postcards, retro photographs and the like. I just love her imaginative use of color!

face mask on man 

Teal and Black Tie Dye Face Mask 

Since this mask has four adjustable ties, it can accommodate a large range of face size and shapes comfortably. With elastic ones I had trouble finding ones that would fit my face and my husbands face. I had to find larger ones to accommodate his beard and larger face. This style eliminates that problem, with a one size fits all.


Aqua Neon Green Face Mask

This style is great for summer's warm weather. The cotton is breathable and cooling. I live in Los Angeles where temperatures often soar to the nineties and above in the summer. I've worn this to run, hike and play tennis in and found it comfortable enough to wear for fairly rigorous exercise.

An added bonus, is extra sun protection. My freckles get so dark in the summer, I'm hoping that this summer wearing a mask in addition to sunscreen whenever I'm outdoors will help protect my skin from the sun even more.


 Neon Tie Dye Mask

I'm all about neon colors this summer, from my fingernails to my facial coverings. I love the citrusy colors that are upbeat and cheery, giving me carefree vacation vibes everyday.




Black and White Tie Dye Mask


But maybe you more like my husband and don't like bright colors... I have some darker more subtle variations like this black and white with a marbleized pattern. I have a color palette for every mood!



You can tie it above or below your ponytail. What I like best about this style is that it kind of rests on top of your ears so it doesn't need to be super tight to get good coverage. And since it's not tight, it won't leave annoying marks on your face after you remove it. 





Teal Tie Dye Face Mask  

I made this one to resemble moving water, I grew up at the beach after all! What's more zen and calming than water? Whether it's a pool, ocean or pond, you can't help but be soothed by the imagery. I won't be visiting the water as much this summer, but I can think of it often when I look at this print.



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