Style: My 5 Favorite Face Mask Chains That Double As A Necklace / Sunglass Holder

It's October and Face Masks aren't going anywhere anytime soon so why not elevate your look  from basic to fabulous with a detachable chain necklace?

You never have to wonder where you left your face mask as you exit the door, because're already wearing it! Connect the two clasps together et voila you have a cool chain necklace that you can continue to wear even after the days of wearing a mask are a distant memory! 

Vermeil Paperclip Chain Mask Holder 


Vermeil Paperclip Chain Mask Holder  Cirillo Spike Huggie Hoops, Diamond Disc Earrings, Squellette Stud Earrings, 14k Gold Ear Cuff

Gold plated vermeil paperclip chain necklace clasps onto your mask ear loops while draping around the neck. Functional yet decorative, this chain necklace was designed to help you keep your mask on the ready while being stylish at the same time. No more lost masks! 

Vermeil Paperclip Mask Chain Necklace

Diamanté clasps give a festive holiday feel and pull your look together. 


Left hand: Petite Starburst Ring, Twyla Ring. Right hand: Kamasi Pinky Ring

Style tip: This delicate paperclip chain necklace would look great with a cardigan and an open neckline.


Vermeil Paperclip Chain Necklace 

Leave the crystal clasps down in front for an extra dose of sparkle!


mask with gold chain holder

 Vermeil Small Links Mask Chain Holder

Like an even more delicate look? Try my vermeil small links chain. Feminine and  pretty!

mask chain holder closeup with Diamante clasps

Vermeil Small Curb Chain Link Mask Holder 


Shiny Gold Curb Mask Chain Necklace

For an edgier rock and roll look, try the Shiny Gold Curb Chain. It has a more substantial weight and drape to it than the paperclip links.


 Shiny Gold Curb Chain Necklace 

This eighties inspired high polish gold curb chain necklace will take you from day to night with its effortless versatility. 

Shiny Gold Curb Chain Necklace

So chic whether layered with other necklaces or on its own. Too big a chain for you? No problem, I also offer it in a smaller size!


Small Gold Curb Chain Necklace 


14k Goldfill Rope Mask Chain Necklace

An exaggerated yet flattering silhouette, this 14k goldfill rope chain is lightweight yet makes a memorable statement.


14k Goldfill Rope Mask Chain Necklace

Face Masks that have elastic ear ties are the easiest and quickest on and off mask but if you're like me, when you are out and about and want to take it off you most likely end up shoving it in your pocket or purse. This ends up spreading any potential contaminant all over the inside of your purse and the contents within which is not a great idea because honestly how often do you sanitize the contents of your purse? I know I don't 😳

With a mask chain, if it puts any contaminants on anything it would be the front of your shirt which would then be removed and washed at the end of the day, unlike your purse. Also, if you're like my husband and shoving the mask in your pocket when not in use you can understand why day to day we see so many stray masks on the sidewalk or street, because they fall out while you're walking and don't notice. The mask chain helps to minimize cross contamination and eliminate unnecessary environmental waste.

14k Goldfill Rope Mask Chain Necklace

Gold-filled chain deliver karat gold at a more affordable cost than solid gold. It won't tarnish and can be buffed with a soft cloth if needed. Another use for this large rope chain also can be as a sunglass/eyeglass holder!


What's your go to way to wear a mask? Tell me below in the comments!

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C’est très chique et très pratique . I love it!!


Such a convenient accessory with many uses that gives a sophisticated, chic look to any outfit!

Lauren Fox

How clever! This solves the problem of where to put my mask when I take it off but need it close by to wear again.

Janice S

I love the idea of using a mask chain as a nice accessory!


What a classy and versatile accessory! Perfect for adding some flair to a plain mask.


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