Take me to... the Pasadena Showcase House of Design

 This is my second year as a vendor at the Pasadena Showcase House of Design. A veritable tradition in Pasadena, (PSHA) is a non-profit founded in 1948 and benefits the LA Philharmonic and music education for Pasadena and Los Angeles public schools. It is one of the oldest, largest and most successful house and garden tours in the nation. Last year, the vendors alone sold close to 2 million dollars worth of merchandise, with 25% benefitting the Philharmonic.
Fourth graders are treated to a classical concert performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Since 2003, the students have had the additional treat of attending a performance in the new Walt Disney Concert Hall.  They have a Music Mobile which has introduced symphonic music to nearly 125,000 third grade students in local classrooms and an annual music competition that has awarded nearly 600,000 to music students aging from 16-24 throughout the LA area.
Pool with Baja Shelf by Huntington Pools, Inc.
Putting on the showcase is no small undertaking. The property is selected by the all volunteer organization and then the property must be vacant by January for construction to begin. The show takes place every April - May with some returning designers and new ones combined. During the show, the public is allowed to select items they would like to purchase from the Showcase rooms but the property owner is given first choice if they wish to purchase them at the conclusion of the show's run. The home owner gets to keep any built in items, appliances etc. But if there are any features that the owner doesn't want to keep, the designer must remove.  Many designers get furniture, appliances etc. donated by retail shops which helps offset the considerable cost and helps as advertising for both the stores and the designers. Dunn-Edwards provides the paint for the home, this year's palette is a stark white with black details, for a very sleek Mediterranean feel.
painted artwork treehouse in Altadena California Pasadena showcase house of design
"Wanderer's Folly" Tree house with decorative painting by Shari Tipich
Every year, the event takes place at a different home in the Pasadena area of the San Gabriel Valley. Depending on the size of the home, 25 or so interior and landscape designers descend upon the property and recreate their particular visions for the rooms or areas they have been selected to re-design. The designers apply for the rooms they would like to design along with a schematic and the property owner selects which design they like best for each room. 
Louise o'malley powder room Pasadena showcase house of design marble wall geometric fabric wallpaper
Powder Room by Louise O'Malley, Inc. White marble tile, with interspersed geometric brass inlays complements the stitched fabric walls.
Mo's room by Louise O'Malley, Inc. A companion piece for the special canine resident of Overlook.
trendsetter's suite at Pasadena showcase house of design altadena
Trendsetter's Suite by JS Design + Create. I liked the 50's modern green tile floor!
Master Suite Bathroom by Jeanne K. Chung of Cozy, Stylish Chic
Jet wall shower detail Pasadena showcase house of design Altadena ca
Custom water jet wall tile design detail by Parker West Interiors in the Traveler's Retreat & Bath.
This year's home takes place in Altadena, a home that was first on the tour in 2002. It was originally built in 1915 for two sister widows, in a mediterranean style, which was unusual for the predominantly craftsman region. Altadena at that time, was largely rural; with orchards, poultry farms and vineyards to the west and open ranch lands to the east. It provided an idyllic escape for East coasters, local businessmen and artists alike. High atop a hill, the house was dubbed "Outlook" for the expansive view that extended all the way to Catalina Island! 
In concert with the design house, there are approximately 20 vendors in the garden depending on the size of the property.  Selling everything from Provençal table linens, jewelry, hats, garden accessories, clothing, scarves and wraps and unusual jams and mustards: there is truly something for everyone and all benefitting a great cause. We're located in the sprawling gardens which is such a lovely way to spend the day, outside!
outdoor garden pool area of Pasadena showcase design house Altadena 
GAD Garden Architecture & Design Pool and Garden Area using Tidelli 2018 Collection of Brazilian designed nautical rope furniture.
A detail of the 2017 Tidelli outdoor patio furniture color scheme from last year's house. While I love aqua, (it's actually one of my favorite colors), I preferred the use of different tones rather than all one shade.
garden shot at Pasadena showcase house of design Altadena
Sit and enjoy an apéritif at one of the many on site bars and restaurants. 
Since 1948, Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts has awarded over $21 million dollars in gifts and grants to support the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Walt Disney Concert Hall, other non-profit organizations and local symphonic, cultural and educational musically oriented programs for youth. How cool is that?! 
Show runs through Sunday, May 20.
Free admission to onsite shops and restaurants.
Tuesday-Sunday Garden Shops hours 10-6pm Tues, Weds, Sat, Sun
Thursday 10-7 pm and Friday 10-9 pm. Purchase tickets for home tour here
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love the pasadena showcase and i go every year!


Good mixture of classic and modern arts design. I personally like pool-site design…..Great work….

Harpreet Sroay

These are some fabulous houses with great design!!

Tiffany M Downing

Wow.. Its amazing!! Such a unique and beautiful designs


classic concerts and Walt Disney!!!! wow that’s the real treat! I loved the suite bathroom!! so elegant and lively! I loved reading!!!


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