Pink Hair Don't Care: How I Keep My Pink Hair Healthy and Vibrant


overtone pink hair conditioner on model hair Pastel pink hair using Overtone

Brown, Blonde, Blackish, Red, Orange, Pink, Raspberry, Lavender... I've always played with my hair color.  It started in high school when my friend and I were experimenting with a home kit in her bathroom. She had decided I would look good as a coppery red head so we tried it out and this started my love affair with changing my hair.

Coloring your hair color can be drying and damaging so I always make sure to use sulfate free products, wash infrequently, use dry shampoo and apply dry oil as a leave in treatment, and use a deep conditioner weekly.  I was thrilled when I found Overtone, a color depositing conditioner that can enhance your color without damaging it. It's the ultimate fun, no commitment hair color. Since it's conditioner, it's hydrating and won't ruin your hair. Plus,  it's vegan and sulfate free so what are you waiting for?!

I'm naturally strawberry blonde, although my hair has naturally darkened with age.  I've been using the pastel pink and vibrant pink for a few years now as it enhances the strawberry tones and is flattering with my skin tone. Since I'm so pale and freckled, I find that tones that aren't too overpowering while not being so pale that they wash me out are best.  With the ginger tones in my hair the pink turns rose gold on me. Rose gold and pastel pinks are universally flattering as they warm up any complexion. I've never received as many complements as I do when I have pink hair. People are always puzzled when I tell them it's color conditioner and easy to diy so I wanted to share my hair color secrets here. This is not a paid post btw, I just want to support a fellow female run business and a product I believe in.

 pink hair dye applicator brush on pink marbleDye brush applicator

I use a hair color application brush, you can get them cheap on Amazon here. I find that it helps give better control over where the color goes and makes for a more even result. I also like to do it on the lightest part first and often not on my roots at all because it makes the color there darker. I've used it in the shower but then missed sections and I'm too much of a perfectionist for that. I wash my hands immediately but you can wear gloves. I'm a little too lazy for that but would definitely recommend if you are using the extreme color or darker shades.

overtone pastel pink color conditioner on hair modelOvertone Pastel Pink Deep Treatment

Overtone sells three levels of pigmented conditioner: pastel, vibrant and extreme with daily conditioners or weekly deep conditioners. Daily versions have less pigment than weekly. I use mine every few weeks and then let it wash out so that i can enjoy the different colors as it washes and fades out. They have so many fun colors: teal, lavender, silver, peach, rose gold. With 24 colors in all, the sky's the limit!

 Overtone Pastel Pink Hair Conditioner

Overtone Pastel Pink Weekly Deep Conditioner. These have more pigment than the daily conditioner version. See how bright it looks in the pot, but depending on how long you leave it on, it can turn out pastel or bright pink. I like to leave it on a little longer so that I just use regular conditioner during the week. 

overtone pastel pink daily conditioner with bougainvillea on white tile floor

There's one caveat, it will show up better on bleached hair. I get my hair balayaged a few times a year and then paint on the conditioner onto my highlighted hair. I then let it sit for various times depending on the intensity of color I want to achieve, up to 30 minutes or so and then wash it out and  shampoo, condition with regular hair conditioner and then air dry. Overtone helps to make it fool proof by showing a color swatch of how the various colors turn out on lighter to darker hair.

If you don't wash your hair that often the color will stay longer, or you can use the daily conditioner for a lighter everyday color deposit. Some colors make my hair look darker, pastel purple and pastel pink made my roots more visible.

janna Conner pink hair with brushed metal circle disc earrings 

I like to wear bold statement earrings with my pink hair. Gold brings out the warmth in the color and silvers and grays pair nicely as well. You would be surprised just how versatile pink hair can be!

Shown: Janna Conner Evelina earrings

peach and pink pastel hair janna ConnerPeach tones by using Overtone Pastel Orange and Pastel Pink

lavender hair and lilacs

Lavender hair using Pastel Purple Overtone. Next up, Pastel Blue!


Click here to get $10 off your next order of Overtone! What's the craziest color you've ever done? Tell me in the comments below! 

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Both colours really suit you. My hair is jet black so I would totally have to strip mine to get this to show . I have dyed my hair red before though . I love to add a pop of colour once in a while . This was with Loreal colour rays but that was discontinued. It actually showed on my black hair .

tachira wiltshire

Pink hair looks amazing on you. I have never tried to dye my hair as I am still struggling to grow it, so I fear I might damage it. But I hope to give blue or purple a try soon, fingers crossed xx

Nafisah NK

Your hair looks great! I am not one for dying my hair, but you do a great job.

Sarah Bean

Looks good. I think many colours are good to be applied onto your hair..

Edwin at Regular Daddy

I love that you shared this. I’m always so scared to dye my hair because I’m mostly afraid of breakage. But this is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. x

Ash |


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